Company Partnerships

Basic Requirements:

  • Be a legitimate company
  • Have products containing CBD from legal hemp
  • Have products in dropper bottles or syringes

Option 1: Add Products to our Measurement Quiz

Currently it is free to add your products to our Measurement quiz! Just fill out this form and attach a document or excel sheet with the product information.

Option 2: We Recommend Your Products

For Option 2 we would recommend your products through our Product Finder quiz and/or our Blog. For us to recommend your products on our site, we ask for a few additional requirements:

  • An online store we can refer customers to.
  • Quality testing with results easily accessible on your website.
  • Affiliate Program we can join.
  • No Affiliate Program? We can work out an advertising partnership!
  • Fill out a quick application describing your brand and products.

We have the right to deny or remove a brand from our website if:

1) Requirements are not met.

2) If a person’s identity, company information, or product information is intentionally falsified.

3) If we find any products submitted to our site contain more than 0.3% THC.

4) If an advertising partnership deal is made and not followed through with.

5) For any unforeseen circumstances.


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